agustine gozali agustine gozali

#1 - Indonesia Batik Series

In this series, I will letter your name combined with the pattern from Indonesia called Batik. Above, you're looking at lovely Agustine Gozali contribution. Send me your portrait to participate!

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  • Felicia Audrey

    Felicia Audrey

    The selected for March 9, 2015 is Felicia Audrey. I used "Parang" Batik pattern has a meaning of weapon, but on the other side it's expressed how human should have self-control and carefulness

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  • the pug

    The PUG

    This SWAG pug puppy is deserved. Here is another example for this series.

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  • participate

    It's your time to participate

    So, you like what you see so far and you want to have one? Read

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